Most Reliable Gas Station Building Companies in Arkansas

From Gas Station Design to Construction, We Can Help

As an industry-leading gas station construction company since 1974, M & A Jones provides and installs all the petroleum equipment you need. From new gas station construction to service station remodeling projects, we represent the best overall value for Arkansas gas station contractors.

Clients throughout Arkansas rely on M & A Jones as their full-service dedicated service station contractor by providing design, installation, and construction.

Our scope of services and industry experience exceeds what other gas station contractors offer. You’ll discover why M & A Jones has earned a reputation as the top-rated gas station construction contractor in Arkansas.

How much does it cost to build a gas station in the US?

The average cost for a new fuel station with four gas dispensers is $500,000. New pump, tank, or accessory costs between $200 and $300k. The cost of the land for a new fuel station will be between $20k and $200k.

In general, you can expect to pay between $1 million and $5 million for a gas station. Of course, this number can fluctuate based on many factors

The location is one of the most important factors in determining the price, which is why we always have planning meetings to discuss your vision and budget for your retail service and gas station construction project.

M&A Jones is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your investment. We work with you to ensure that everything from the property selection process to the construction of your facility meets or exceeds your expectations.

As a full-service gas station construction company, we offer a wide range of services to our clients in Arkansas.

What We Do as Service Station Contractors

Our experience with layout, design and retail gas station construction stems from our area expertise. Within Arkansas, business clients rely on us for dependable convenience store construction, service station construction, and project design.

Our expertise ensures comprehensive support for clients who require their retail gas stations to become successful projects from the very beginning.

Our team works closely with experienced designers, drafters, and engineers licensed in Arkansas. These local market relationships are vital because engineer familiarity with town board members helps to streamline the approval and permitting process for gas station construction projects.

From project conception through completion, you can trust the expert guidance of M & A Jones professional gas station builders.

We will advise you regarding the viability of building a service station in a particular location, as well as permit feasibility.

We also help you navigate local requirements and zoning issues to determine new gas station viability in your area.

Our Gas Station Construction Project Services

Gas Station Canopy Construction

M & A Jones construction services include all aspects of gas station canopy construction as well. We begin by working with you to determine the best layout to accommodate traffic and maximize your space.

Modern filling station designs include several options for gas station canopy design. There are several factors that influence gas station roof design.

For example, the available space and desired number of fuel pumps impact the size of the gas pump island. The island size impacts the design of each canopy foundation and the number of concrete footings required to support the canopy.

Plus, the aesthetic factors of gas station canopy design include custom decorative trim, columns, and canopy fascia options for LED signage to display gas prices.  

Our gas station canopy repair is always in demand too. Vehicular collisions cause damage to canopy roofs and columns. Weather events such as rain, snow, and wind often lead to canopy damage such as corrosion and water leaks.

M & A Jones will evaluate your service station canopy’s condition and explain your repair options – which can range from minor repairs to complete replacement of the canopy’s aluminum decking.

Our professional technicians begin by working with you to determine the best gas station canopy design and layout for your needs.

Then we work with gas station canopy manufacturers and professional engineers to obtain stamped engineered drawings for canopy design according to Arkansas requirements.

Finally, we build the foundation and assemble and erect your gas station canopy.

Gas Station Floor Plan Design

M & A Jones offers comprehensive gas station design services for your upcoming project. We work with you to develop the fuel station layout that best suits your needs, and then obtain the stamped engineering drawings of your gas station floor plans.

Our experienced technicians will guide you through every aspect of gas station design. We help you navigate the planning process based on many factors, including:

  • State and local acceptable practices (for example, whether to offer diesel fuel)
  • Traffic count
  • Space available for ease of movement based on parking spaces and fuel delivery spaces
  • Existing building conditions
  • Property location and property owner desires
  • Your budget
  • Zoning restrictions
  • Building codes

After the design and development phases are completed, we will provide turn-key gas station construction services that you would be proud to be a part of.

This means that M & A Jones takes your project from start to finish, without the need to hire multiple contractors. We will pull all the required permits and schedule and coordinate all inspections while keeping you in the loop along the way.

Why Choose Us for Your Gas Station Construction Project?

Choosing the wrong contractor for your gas station construction project can result in frustrating setbacks, delays, and unexpected costs. When planning a complex site build or upgrade, you need an experienced contractor that understands the nuances of this specialty and can take your project from start to finish.

Our company upholds high standards and principles for our clients, vendors, and employees. You can rest assured you will never regret your decision once you sign up with us for our commercial construction services.

M&A Jones is the gas station construction contractor you can rely on for an error-free project. We serve all of Arkansas and offer a wide variety of services to build your vision from the ground up.